Thirteen Ways of Seeing Nature in LA

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13 Ways of Seeing Nature in LA

by Jennifer Price

   Upon reading this article, I did a little research about this lady name Jennifer Price.

Jenny Price is a writer, public humanities scholar, and Research Scholar at the UCLA Center for the Study of Women, who has written often about environment, Los Angeles, and environmentalism, and about gun control, the Malibu beach wars, and public space.

As a scholar, she tries especially to understand how ideas and definitions of nature influence how we shape landscapes, build and rebuild cities, and formulate environmental and social policies to do so. As a storyteller, she translates that research and analysis into accessible narratives, whether in the form of essays, talks, classes, tours, or public art programs.

 And Ms. Price indeed sur”Price”d my beliefs of what passion really is. Her love for nature, the concrete river, which she always retrace her experience from, and the city of Los Angeles are perhaps her reasons to live and breathe. She felt as the purpose of living is to preserve our natural surroundings.

Analysis of the Article:

From the first impression of having to read twenty-five pages about nature seemed so impossible when it comes to coming back from Labor Day Holiday. But upon reading further down pages to pages, it seemed so seamless that I manages to scan through every word and felt so open minded about how I saw the world, especially LA. Price convicted that