Wildlife Sanctuary Reflection

The days go by I have not passed my mind yet to this unbelievable place. A sight I cannot erase, the audible cry of the leaves chatting with each other as we passed by. The wind that never forgets to make all the trees sway and the aroma of the crisp wind. Yet, how come our love for it is only limited. I mean limited to places we usually do not think to explore to. It opened my heart and mind for sure that for once I felt the sudden peace that I seeked for the longest time. Seeing how calm I can be and just let the wilderness grow in me. Nature, the one I have forgotten to remember. The one thing many people will never really appreciate until it swings back at you. I meant this as in the news we see. The monstrous hurricanes we try to prevent, the tornadoes prying for defense. But in one moment as a student of Mount San Antonio College, walking through that gates of sanctuary I gained my full respect to it.

In Reflection to my first visit there with the class, I found something


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