Lack of recreational spaces in the campus


●1) What problem do you want to research?
The problem of fixing broken benches and tables and the lack of shelters in campus disturbing student’s motivation to study in a proper table and benches rather than sitting on the floor. It would also reduce the stress on a body from constant neck stress
The problem of lacking restroom spaces and sanitary supplies.
●2) What research methods will you use?
By interviewing:
As many students that are affected by this problem
At least 2 teachers that are aware of this problem
And researching other campuses comparing how many tables they have and the impact of it
●3) Provide examples of these research methods?
●4) Find 5 Sources and explain how you will use these sources
Student’s perspective-
Teacher’s perspective-
Other students in another campus-
The news-
●5) Provide a detailed plan for you will do this research. Plan should include:

How Seating Ergonomics Affect Learning

Can Classroom Furniture Improve Student Engagement?

●Exact dates of when you will do each step.
November 14
November 16
November 17
November 18
●How you will conduct the primary research
Mainly interviews and other research science articles online
●Who will be the subjects?
The subjects will be mainly students of mount san antonio college compares to student at calpoly pomona
●What problems or difficulties might arise in conducting this research?
The problem that might arise is schedule conflicts and online research errors
Should I focus more on indoor or outdoor improvements or both?
Is this problem considered kind of like an opinion rather than real issues?
How should I change this problem?