How have I worked on collaborating with people this semester?

In this class, collaboration was conducted almost every class time. It meant to be split up into groups and talk about the articles we read for homework or maybe the articles we are reading currently in class. Another thing that was happening was peer reviews of essays or having another student give an input of one’s essay. Using the reverse outline or the post -it-notes method of finding certain hitting points of an essay was great. The most I have worked with on collaborating was the group essay since it was stretched out into multiple weeks of talking to two or three other people with the same career as myself and incorporating those similar jobs into a group essay which meant we had to organize our time in discussing and meetings as well as how we are able to tackle this task evenly. At first, it did felt like a high school thing because it did not occur to me that group essays exist in college since I was taught that everything is done by themselves only. I have worked on getting to know more people in the class which made it easier for me to not be bored in class as well as getting my concentration in track solely for English class,