Cover Letter: The Final

I have come to my senses as of 10:43 pm December 11,2016 that I really need to do this assignment. Personally, I was basically hitting myself in the head multiple times [not literally but figuratively] that I should have finished this after class on Wednesday but instead knew it was due Monday but did it last minute anyways. Up to this point, all I can think of is not getting my priorities straight and not taking school seriously. In a short word, irresponsibility. Every time I go to this class, it was not hard to engage myself and listen to the lectures or reading journals that we were doing. I loved every minute of it because I was not distracted from everything else, I was focused. And then all of a sudden,  right as I walk out from those doors, it felt as if none of those things I learned existed. So why should I pass this class? I should not pass this class and it is the hard truth. It would be a lie to say I have done my best because it was my worst. I did have a potential to pass this second time around for English class and once again, I took it for granted.

Evolution as a writer: How have you evolved as a writer this semester? How have you met goals you set in the semester? I have evolved as a writer in a different way. Through all the years of going to school, the only thing I knew how to write was doing the standard five-paragraph structure. And to my surprise, this professor blew me away with many other options of writing styles. As a student, this class was unexpected. Unexpected because of how it was very unfamiliar to me. I may not be the best English speaker or writer out there, but a drastic change of outlook on writing was visible. Excluding the irresponsibility of turning in assignments on time or not doing it, I did expect a lot more from myself. I wanted to achieve an essay/report exceeding six pages.


Researcher: What have you learned about the research process?

The research process was a long and difficult road. Research process required a great amount of time of just sitting on the computer or reading articles for multiple hours. In high school, I thought researching was a breeze since everything was already provided for every student. In college, students were responsible for all the articles being used. A big step on independence was involved as well. I have done a large amount of research but did not organize it very well. By searching online, I could possibly get thousands if not, millions of articles to talk about and this is where the filtering comes. I have learned that not all websites are legitimately authentic or have an exact true story. Some may say things about Taylor Swift running for president but it was actually running for president of her fan club called “Swifties”. Basically, relying on just one side of the story may be fake.

Revision process: What revisions have you made to improve your essays this semester and why you felt they were wise revisions? Describe your revision strategies with specific detail.

-not applicable-

-Justine did not do any revision process this whole semester-

-instead wasted her time and procrastinated like what she is doing right at this moment-


Reading/Writing Process: What have you learned about the reading and writing processes? How have you progressed as a reader and writer over the course of the semester?

The reading process was awesome. I loved every single article that was given to us in this class. It actually made sense and sparked an interest in me. In the beginning, it was tough because I was not used to reading articles and responding to it but as the semester goes by I would go to work and read the articles on my break or lunch time just for fun. It was really nice to see that it was something that is actually happening in the world. The reading was my favorite, not only do I get to read topics that other professors may not have brought up before but every time I would think about the readings we have, most of the time I research about them more.

1C/Transfer/Career Readiness: Why do you believe you have learned the necessary skills this semester demonstrate success in English 1C/Transfer Career? How will the skills you learned in class translate to other classes or jobs?

Although I failed miserably in this class and accepted my fate, I believe having this class made me realize that there is something more to an English class. Not only we got to do the basics like write essays and read about stuff, we also got to do our own personalized blogs and basically incorporate technology in an English class full of tech-savvy students and professor. Those reading journals also gave space for students to type their thoughts on the reading about how they felt, or translate the text with their own opinions about it. The skills in typing on computers, turning things in online, using different writing styles, expressing critical thinking, collaborating with other people would definitely help me be successful in other classes or jobs. Being more open-minded as well will give me a big step to understanding other people’s concern and thoughts about certain topics and being aware of the things happening around me.



Lack of recreational spaces in the campus


●1) What problem do you want to research?
The problem of fixing broken benches and tables and the lack of shelters in campus disturbing student’s motivation to study in a proper table and benches rather than sitting on the floor. It would also reduce the stress on a body from constant neck stress
The problem of lacking restroom spaces and sanitary supplies.
●2) What research methods will you use?
By interviewing:
As many students that are affected by this problem
At least 2 teachers that are aware of this problem
And researching other campuses comparing how many tables they have and the impact of it
●3) Provide examples of these research methods?
●4) Find 5 Sources and explain how you will use these sources
Student’s perspective-
Teacher’s perspective-
Other students in another campus-
The news-
●5) Provide a detailed plan for you will do this research. Plan should include:

How Seating Ergonomics Affect Learning

Can Classroom Furniture Improve Student Engagement?

●Exact dates of when you will do each step.
November 14
November 16
November 17
November 18
●How you will conduct the primary research
Mainly interviews and other research science articles online
●Who will be the subjects?
The subjects will be mainly students of mount san antonio college compares to student at calpoly pomona
●What problems or difficulties might arise in conducting this research?
The problem that might arise is schedule conflicts and online research errors
Should I focus more on indoor or outdoor improvements or both?
Is this problem considered kind of like an opinion rather than real issues?
How should I change this problem?

Group Essay #1

Group Essay Prompt
Ned Weidner
Fall 2016

Background: Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Between the World and Me offers a personal history of what it is like to be “black” in the United States. For Coates and some of the other authors we have covered, race is a social construction. For scholars who adhere to a social constructionist view on race, being “black” means “being at the bottom, a human turned to object, object turned to pariah” (Coates 55). This definition of “black” has often been referred to as being Othered. For this essay, I would like you to show how one particular group of humans is “at the bottom” and objectified as an Other. This is a two-part essay:

First Part: Show how one group of people is objectified as an Othered.
– How is this group objectified?
– How do institutional structures create inequalities for this group?
– How do social obstacles create inequalities for this group?
– What are some of the effects of these institutional and social inequalities on the people of this group?

Second Part: Offer a solution for how you might use your college degree to combat the inequalities Coates and others we have read describe. Note: This need not be a step-by-step proposal, but it should offer a detailed approach for addressing some (if not all) of the institutional and social obstacles you described in Part One.

Step-By-Step Guide:
1. Make a plan for how you will collaborate.
2. Choose an “Othered” group.
3. Do preliminary research in library and online.
4. Decide on which major themes you will focus. Note: Here you will need to hone in on major key terms and use those to search for more articles later.
5. Do more research. Choose academic articles that write about the major themes.
6. Summarize main points of articles and pull out important quotations.
7. Make a list of important quotations and points that you plan to use and make in your essay.
8. Draft a Shitty version of Part One. How will you collaborate to do this? Will you all draft sections and then join later? Will you sit together and draft one shitty version in-person?
9. Do more research if necessary.
10. Draft a shitty version of Part Two.
11. Revise both Part One and Part Two. Note: It often works best if one person does the final edit so that the final draft sounds like one person wrote it.
12. Bring a Rough Draft to class and be prepared to discuss it.
13. Revise Rough Draft according to peer and instructor feedback.

Tips for success:
– Be careful to use ideas from at least four sources.
– Remember to focus your essay around a central thesis.
– Remember to refer back to that thesis at various points throughout your essay. Your essay should begin with an interesting hook.
– Your argument should be supported using evidence from the text, which should also be analyzed in detail.
– A solid essay will also provide a summative conclusion.

Particulars: You must use quotations, summaries, or paraphrases from at least five different articles or books. You are required to use Between the World and Me for one of your sources.
Essay length: 5-8 pages. MLA Format. Times New Roman. 12 pt font.
Rough Draft Due:
Final Draft Due:

Essay #1 Reflection (Absent 10-10-16)

Describe your writing process for this essay: What did you do in order to write this paper?


Analyze your writing process: What revisions did you make and why did you feel they were wise revisions?


Assess your essay: How do you feel the essay turned out?


Describe your research process: What steps did you take to find appropriate articles to use in your essay? What would you do differently next time.

Who is minding the kids?

“The impacts of these environmental disparities may go beyond public health per se to concerns about impacts on educational achievement and future human capital development. Indeed, in some communities, parents have complained of diminished school performance among their children due to health effects associated with outdoor and other pollution, and respiratory problems, some aggravated by pollution, have been associated directly and indirectly with lower academic performance.”

Just by reading this quote, it already made the impact of what other underlying causes are there from the negative environmental changes surrounding schools in general. The article contained many research and variables about what they found in 1999 at the Belmont Learning Complex where people actually knew the hazards/dangers in building that expensive school but still managed to continue on forward with the plan until someone else found out that there was something wrong. It took many