Research Proposal

-UPDATED- (I changed my topic on the day it was due)

#1. What is your topic?

Bee Colony Collapse

#2. What are the main points you intend to make?

-Why are bees important? to us and plants?

   Bees are important to us since they pollinate the food we eat or bees are the source in feeding other animals that we also consume. Plants on the other hand, basically bees provide plant reproduction for some of them.

-How are bees affecting us and nature?

  Bees specifically their pollination affects how we eat, and also assist with plant reproduction.

-So, what would happen if they die?

If they do die off, (most) plants would not reproduce, meaning we as humans can starve.

#3. Sources: ” Six Quotations about Bee Colony Collapse and Sources ”

#4.What interest you?

After researching about climate change for a full week, I happen to see an article that titled “No Bees, No Food” and immediately clicked on it since I do love food. It was not something I thought of ever researching more and soon enough it sparked an interest on me. I spent six hours reading stuff about it and I could not stop. As of now, when I saw that this would affect our food consumption, I was 100% set on it.

#5. Six quotations for this article “Six Quotations about Bee Colony Collapse and Sources  “